Monday, June 20, 2005

Trip to San Francisco- Day two, June 11

Date: June 11, Saturday

Path: Hotel=>Powell street=>San Francisco Shopping Center=>Fisherman's Wharf=> Union Square=> Macy's Department Store=> Hotel

It's good to have Starbucks just besides the hotel, I bought a ice cafe latte and a cake, didn't have exact plan today actually, just felt that I should relax myself and did some shopping on the EXACT first day of the trip, so i headed to powell street by metro(bart), the next station of the hotel(civic center). I saw the turn table of cable car, it's quite interesting to see 3 big guys to turn the cable car for the direction.

Luckily, I found A&F boutique (at San Francisco Shopping Center), just needed to walk across Market St. By Reviewing the clothes, it's weird that I didn't really find one attracted my I just left, went to Victoria's secret to buy the body lotion, as for their underwear, it's on the 2nd floor. Walked and saw at the shop.....hard to make the decision, because it's the mission given by my last, I gave up, then went out the shopping center.

I bought the city pass and took the cable car, although I supposed to get off at macy's department/union square, but I didn't get off as it was crowded and I didn't really know where to get off, so I arrived at Fisherman's Wharf. Walked around the hyde st. pier then headed to pier 39. But.....I didn't find where the sea lions were??

It's a nice and fresh begining to start the trip from here, felt so relaxing and the weather is cozy, got blue blue sky. The funny things I found were that ppl could play the "turning horses" and 地面高空彈跳" there . Also, I found a men pretended as a tree on the way to Pier 39, as ppl passed by him, he scared ppl by shouting out loudly.....lots ppl stayed there and enjoyed to see ppl to be scared....hahaha...isn't it so funny?

The night was falling, got to go home, girl!!


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